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Gwala Krishna Deb was an accepted chela of Mahatma K.H., whose mystical name was Dharbagiri Nath. He was a brother chela of Chandra Cusha. In 1882 he was 30 years of age.[1] In 1886 Mme. Blavatsky wrote to Mr. Sinnett that he had been "with Master KH for the last 13 or 14 years".[2]

He was mentioned in Mahatma Letter No. 65 as a person who could convey papers from Sinnett and Hume to the Mahatmas.

In late 1882 Deb, who lived in Darjeeling, was to travel to Simla to deliver a letter from Master K.H. to Mr. Sinnett. Deb Eventually, since Deb was in Tibet undergoing certain occult training, he was unable to go in his physical body. Babaji (a probationary chela) allowed him to use his own body for the occasion. This lead the latter to impersonate Deb, which produced considerable confusion among members.

See also Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, I: 132; The Letters of H. P. Blavatsky to A. P. Sinnett, pp. 166-173, 338, 342.


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