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Maude Louise Boyle-Travers (? - August 4, 1929) was a psychic and member of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society. She was the daughter of an Irish physician.[1]

Known under the pseudonym of "Mary". She became a close friend of A. P. Sinnett, who was convinced that she was in contact with the Masters of Wisdom. On October 11, 1893, she married 44-year old William Scott-Elliot, also a member of the London Lodge, and two years later, on October 9, 1895, they had a son, Walter Travers Scott-Elliot.[2]

In 1909, following C. W. Leadbeater rejoining the Theosophical Society (Adyar) upon invitation by Annie Besant, "Mary" instigated the London Lodge members to unanimously withdraw from the Theosophical Society, subsequently forming the short-lived Eleusinian Society.


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