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Theosophical view

Mme. Blavatsky defines the word Yoga in reference to rāja yoga, as follows:

(1) One of the six Darshanas or schools of India; a school of philosophy founded by Patanjali, though the real Yoga doctrine, the one that is said to have helped to prepare the world for the preaching of Buddha is attributed with good reasons to the more ancient sage Yâjnawalkya, the writer of the Shatapatha Brâhmana, of Yajur Veda,the Brihad Âranyaka,and other famous works. (2) The practice of meditations as a means of leading to spiritual liberalition. Psyscho-spiritual powers are obtained thereby, and induced escstatic states lead to the clear and correct perception of the eternal thruths, in both the visible and invisible universe.[1]

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