Brothers of the Shadow

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Brothers of the Shadow is a term given by the Occultists to the Dugpas (also referred to as "Dark Brothers" or "Black Adepts"), that is, to Sorcerers and all practitioners of black magic.[1] In one of his letters, Mahatma K. H. talked about them as being "our greatest, most cruel, and — why not confess — our most potential [powerful] Enemies".[2]

The Brothers of the Shadow can be embodied or disembodied.[3] In the case of disembodied wicked human beings, they are also called elementaries. H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

The Brothers of the Shadow, devoid of physical bodies save in rare cases, bad souls living long in that realm and working according to their nature for no other end than evil until they are finally annihilated—they are the lost souls of Kâma Loka as distinguished from the “animated corpses” devoid of souls which live and move among men. These Black entities are the Dugpas, the Black Magicians.[4]

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