Horace Hayman Wilson

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Horace Hayman Wilson (September 26, 1786 – May 8, 1860) was an English orientalist. He studied medicine at St Thomas's Hospital, and went out to India in 1808 as assistant-surgeon on the Bengal establishment of the British East India Company. He became deeply interested in the ancient language and literature of India and, by the recommendation of Henry Thomas Colebrooke, he was in 1811 appointed secretary to the Asiatic Society of Bengal. In 1819 he prepared the first Sanskrit-English Dictionary from materials compiled by native scholars, supplemented by his own researches, and in 1840 he published a translation of Vishnu Purana. He also published books on Indian theater, a history of British India from 1805 to 1835, a history of the First Burmese War, and others.