Nisi Kanta Chattopadhyaya

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Nishikânta Chattopâdhyâya was a well-known Hindu gentleman, Principal of the Hyderabad College and author of works on Oriental, Theosophical, philosophical, and other subjects. His name was erroneously thought to have been a pseudonym used by Master K.H. in Europe.

Confusion with Master K.H.

In The Mahatma Letters, Master K.H. mentions a conversation he had with a certain "G. H. Fechner", but does not say when or where it took place. C. C. Massey received information from Leipzig that a Professor Gustav T. Fechner remembered having met a Hindu at some unnamed period and having heard him lecture. He said that the name of the Hindu was Nisi Kanta Chattapadhyaya, and that he was not particularly conspicuous. C. C. Massey assumed this Professor was the "G. H. Fechner" mentioned by Master K.H., and that "Nisi Kanta Chattapadhyaya" was a pseudonym used by the latter. However, this is not the case. Charles J. Ryan reports[1] that Katherine Tingley met Dr. N. K. Chattopadhyaya when she was in Bombay in 1896, and received an autograph copy of his book "The Reminiscences of the German University Life,"[2] where he talks about his encounter with Prof. G. T. Fechner.