Phoenix Venture

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After A. P. Sinnett was announced that he was going to be dismissed from The Pioneer in 1883, the Master K.H. made an effort to engage Mr. Sinnett in organizing a newspaper supported by Indian capital. The latter wrote:

A scheme was developed, according to which I was to start a new paper in rivalry with the "Pioneer". Its name was settled. It was to be called The Phoenix and efforts were made to obtain the necessary capital from some of the great Indian Rajahs.[1]

This newspaper sought to help in raising the social and economic condition of the Indian masses, their sense of self-respect, and their standing in the eyes of the world.

Sinnett left for England hoping to return to India for this project, but after considerable efforts to raise the funds needed the enterprise had to be abandoned for lack of support from the Indians.

Mahatma Letters on the Phoenix Venture

Mahatma Koot Hoomi was very interested in this proposal, and it was discussed in a number of letters between him and Sinnett. See:


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