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The Canadian Theosophist was a periodical published from 1920 to 2007 in Canada. During the years 1961 to 1992 it was edited by Ted G. Davy and his wife Doris.


According to Nicole Duffee,

The Canadian Theosophist appeared as a monthly periodical up to (and including) Volume 35. It has been published as a bi-monthly since the March/April 1955 issue.

The first editor of The Canadian Theosophist was Albert E.S. Smythe. Dudley W. Barr became Acting Editor in March 1947, Chairman of the Editorial Board in May 1947 and Editor in July 1947. While Mr. Barr remained as Editor, Miss L. Gaunt became Acting Editor at the time of the September/October 1958 issue, then Associate Editor for the November/December 1959 one; Mr. & Mrs. T.G. Davy are listed as Associate Editors in July/August 1961. Doris and Ted [Davy] became Editors in the September/October 1962 number, a position they maintained for thirty years. Stan Treloar became Editor at the time of the March/April 1992 issue and holds this position currently.[1]


The Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals has an index to the issues from 1959-67 and 1974-2007. It lists the contents of each issue in a chronological sequence, and is searchable by title and author.

An alphabetical index is available for Volumes 1 to 78 [March 1920 to February 1998] and is a compilation of Titles/Authors as presented in the original individual volume indexes.


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