Mahatma Letter to H. P. Blavatsky - LMW 1 No. 58b

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Quick Facts
People involved
Written by: Koot Hoomi
Received by: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Sent via: unknown 
Written on: unknown
Received on: 1888
Other dates: unknown
Sent from: unknown
Received at: London
Via: unknown

This letter is Letter No. 58b in Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series. Mahatma Koot Hoomi copied this letter written by Mabel Collins to Thomas Benfield Harbottle, and sent the copy to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.[1] In editions 1945-1974, before the First Series was resequenced in 1988, this was called Letter 45b.

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Page 1 transcription, image, and notes

[Letter from Mabel Cook (nee Collins) to Mr Harbottle, copied by K.H.]

I AM very much obliged to you for giving me your personal views and indeed for your letter altogether.

There is a person in the E.S. about whom I am most deeply concerned and whose life I fear is being entirely ruined. This is a person for whom I know you have some friendship; no doubt you can guess whom I mean. Would that you could gain his confidence and prevent his being drugged as some others already. I am a member of the T.S. I was that even when I wrote ‘Light on the Path’. I have left the B. L. because I have lost all confidence in its Head.

Yours etc.,

Mabel Cook



Context and background

Mr. Jinarajadasa had these comments about this letter:

H.P.B. received only some three or four letters because her consciousness was so linked to the minds of both the Masters M. and K.H. that she heard their voices with occult hearing at once, and there was no need for written communications. I therefore presume that in this instance the master K.H. had to write a letter, as he desired to place before her a copy of the letter written by Mabel Collins to Mr Harbottle.

When, in September 1887, H.P.B. started her magazine, Lucifer she associated with her as assistant editor ‘M.C.’, transcriber of Light on the Path. M.C. was Mabel Collins, her married name being Mrs Keningale Cook. She was an authoress and I presume had experience of magazine work. Until the issue of October 1888, both the names of H.P.B. and Mabel Collins appeared on the cover of Lucifer. Then there was a break, one cause of which we may presume was of the nature stated in her letter to Mr T.B. Harbottle which the Master K.H. copied out for H.P.B. to see. In the issue of Lucifer of 15 October 1888, a slip was inserted with the following words:

EDITORIAL NOTICE H.P. Blavatsky begs leave to announce that owing to the continued severe illness of her Co-Editor, Mabel Collins, she (H.P.B.) accepts, until further notice, the sole editorial responsibility for the magazine.

Until the death in 1944 of Mr Bertram Keightley, the uncle of Dr Archibald Keightley referred to in both the letters, I had refrained from publishing this letter, though it has been with the other letters from the beginning.[2]

Physical description of letter

The original of this letter is preserved at the Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai, India.

Publication history

This letter was not published in the early editions of Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series. It first appeared as Letter 45b in the 1945 edition, and was renamed as Letter 58b when the First Series was resequenced in 1988.

Commentary about this letter

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