Mahatma Letter to Judge No. 2

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Written by: Morya
Received by: William Quan Judge
Sent via: unknown 
Written on: unknown
Received on: unknown
Other dates: unknown
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This letter is Letter No. 2 in Echoes of the Orient: The Writings of William Quan Judge.[1] Mahatma Morya provides encouragement and advice to William Quan Judge.

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Page 1 transcription, image, and notes

The temple of wisdom has been shown to thee containing the [illegible] sacred to the knowledge which shall be imparted only to those who after traveling the path of the different age shall be fitted by the desire to be as the most high commands. Until thou hat shown by thy works by the purity and evenness of thy motives in this life and beyond it thou shalt not be permitted instruction. Follow the path thy fee thave started on; the road is hard straight ad narrow sometimes dreary, but persist and follow to the end.



Context and background

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This undated, unsigned latter is in the handwriting of Master M. The original is in the archives of the former Point Loma Theosophical Society.

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  1. Dara Eklund, compiler and editor. "Transcription of the Two Letters from Master M." Echoes of the Orient: The Writings of William Quan Judge (Pasadena, California: Theosophical University Press, 2011), lvi.