Mahatma Letter to Ramaswamier - LMW 2 No. 55

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Quick Facts
People involved
Written by: Morya
Received by: S. Ramaswamier
Sent via: unknown 
Written on: unknown
Received on: unknown
Other dates: unknown
Sent from: unknown
Received at: unknown
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This letter is Letter No. 55 in Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, Second Series. Mahatma Morya provides guidance to S. Ramaswamier.[1]

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Page 1 transcription, image, and notes

Try; it can do no harm, and may assist.




Context and background

Mr. Jinarajadasa provided this foreword to the letter:

S. Ramaswamier wrote to his Master as follows: Sashtanga Namaskar at the thrice holy feet of my Father. Will it be for my good, and will it assist me in the development in me of my clairvoyant and clairaudient powers, if I every morning between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. keep a pin of iron before me and try to move it by my will power? Vijnapanam ––S.R[2]

The editor provided these footnotes:

  • Sashtanga Namaskar means “Prostration with eight members” – complete prostration at full length on the ground, to mark utmost veneration.
  • Vijanapanam means "This is my entreaty."

Physical description of letter

Mr. Jinarajadasa wrote of the Ramaswamier letters:

I do not know where the original letters are now. He died in 1893, devoted as ever to his Master and the T.S..[3]

Publication history

Mr. Jinarajadasa wrote of the Ramaswamier letters:

In December, 1894, a son of his published the letters, with a facsimile of one of them, in an attack on the T.S. , which bore the title, "Isis Further Unveiled." I reprint the letters from this pamphlet.[4]

Commentary about this letter

Additional resources


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