Charles Carter Blake

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Charles Carter Blake (1840 - 1897) was an anthropologist, palaeontologist, and comparative anatomist. He was a Founding fellow of the Anthropological Society of London (1863). He was also a Spiritualist and a student of Theosophy. He claimed to be able to project his astral body.

Dr. Carter Blake corresponded with H. P. Blavatsky during the first half of 1878, and was present at the first meeting of the London Lodge on June 27. He was expelled from the Theosophical Society for publishing derogatory remarks about the Arya Samaj and accusing the New York Theosophical Society of "practicing Siva worship—performing the Linga and Sakti Puja".[1] He was later permitted to rejoin.[2] In 1889-1890 he was a visitor to the Thursday meetings held at the Blavatsky Lodge, in which Mme. Blavatsky explained concepts in her recently published book The Secret Doctrine.

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