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Herbert D. Monachesi (ca. 1854 - February 27, 1900) was a military officer and New York journalist and one of the Founders of the Theosophical Society. He died in Manhattan County, NY at 46 years old.[1]

According to Josephine Ransom,

HERBERT D. MONACHESI: a newspaper reporter. An Italian by birth and of very psychical temperament. In The Sunday Mercury, New York, 1875, appeared an article by him on an intended Buddhist Mission to America, to make known Eastern spiritual knowledge. On the margin of this cutting Scrapbook I, H. P. B Wrote that his article outlined the original programme of The Theosophical Society, and that the time had come when the West should know more of the wisdom, philosophy and achievements of India. Monachesi dropped out.[2]

In 1876 he edited a book with Albert B. Yohn entitled The Stationers' Handbook. A Practical Business Guide, with articles intended to help the book selling business.[3]

The Supplement to The Theosophist for August 1882 (page 6) reports the following:

Mr. Herbert D. Monachesi, F.T.S., an officer of the United States' War-ship "Galena" wrote on June 20th from Alexandria, that he had been enjoying a cruise along both shores of the Mediterranean and down the west coast of Africa, as far as the Equator. The "Galena" was at Alexandria to look after American interests. "Many of these refuges" writes he--referring to the foreigners who had fled from Alexandria--"came on board of us for protection, among them, five American missionaries with their families...."


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