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Geoffrey Hodson was a Theosophical lecturer and writer from New Zealand. His works are widely read by the general public and many members of the [[Theosophical Society (Adyar)|Theosophical Society based in Adyar, Chennai, India. In 1954, Mr. Hodson was awarded the Subba Row Medal for his contributions to Theosophical literature.

Below is a chronological list of his major writings and published lectures:

  • Faeries at Work and at Play. 1925. Available for borrowing at Internet Archive.
  • The Kingdom of Faerie. 1927. Available at Narod.ru]
  • The Science of Seership. 1927. London, Rider & co. [1929]. Available at Hathitrust.
  • The Brotherhood of Angels and of Men. London, The Theosophical publishing house, ltd., 1927. Available at Hathitrust.
  • First Steps on the Path. 1928.
  • The Angelic Hosts. 1928.
  • Be Ye Perfect. 1928.
  • Angels and the New Race. 1929.
  • American Lectures. 1929.
  • Thus Have I Heard. 1929.
  • The Miracle of Birth. 1929. Available at Internet Archive.
  • The Inner Side of Church Worship. 1930.
  • An Occult View of Health and Disease. London: Theosophical Publishing House, 1925.
  • New Light on the Problem of Disease. 1930.
  • Some Experiments in Four Dimensional Vision. 1933.
  • The Coming of the Angels. 1935.
  • Destiny. 1936.
  • The Seven Human Temperaments. 1952.
  • Man, the Triune God. 1952.
  • Kingdom of the Gods. 1952.
  • Through the Gateway of Death: A Message to the Bereaved. 1953.
  • Theosophy Answers Some Problems of Life. 1953.
  • Pathway to Perfection. 1954.
  • Occult Powers in Nature and in Man. 1955.
  • Lecture Notes: The School of the Wisdom. 1955.
  • Vital Questions Answered. 1959.
  • The Soul's Awakening: Talks on Occultism and the Occult Life. 1963.
  • Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible. 1963–1980.
  • Man's Supersensory and Spiritual Powers. 1964.
  • Reincarnation, Fact or Fallacy?. 1967.
  • Meditations on the Occult Life. 1968. Available at Hathitrust.
  • The Supreme Splendour. 1967.
  • The Priestly Ideal. 1971.
  • The Call to the Heights: Guidance on the Pathway to Self-Illumination. 1975.
  • Christ Life from Nativity to Ascension. 1975.
  • Music Forms: Superphysical Effects of Music Clairvoyantly Observed. 1976.
  • At the Sign of the Square and Compass. Madras, India: Eastern Federation, International Co-Freemasonry, 1976. Available at Hathitrust.
  • Clairvoyant Investigations of Christian Origins. 1977.
  • Basic Theosophy: The Living Wisdom (condensed from Lecture Notes). 1981.
  • The Concealed Wisdom in World Mythology. 1983.
  • Clairvoyant Investigations. 1984.
  • The Occult Philosophy Concealed within Freemasonry. 1985.


The [Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals http://www.austheos.org.au/cgi-bin/ui-csvsearch.pl?search=geoffrey+hodson&header=field4] lists ....... articles by or about Mr. Hodson.

Books and Pamphlets

Mr. Hodson wrote over 60 books and pamphlets.


Occult powers

Angels, fairies and nature spirits