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'''Isabel de Steiger''' was an early English Theosophist and occultist known for her painting. She was a member of the [[Theosophical Society]], the [[Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn]], and the [[Anthroposophical Society]], and was a close friend of [[Anna Bonus Kingsford]].
== Personal life ==
== Theosophical Society involvement ==
Mme. de Steiger was admitted to the [[Theosophical Society]] in Birmingham, England on April 12, 1879, making her one of the earliest members of the Society. She resigned on June 28, 1905.<ref>Theosophical Society General Membership Register, 1875-1942 at [http://tsmembers.org/ http://tsmembers.org/]. See book 1, entry 187 (website file: 1A/14).</ref>
== Other organizations ==
== Additional resources ==
* Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas. "Western Esoteric Traditions and Theosophy" ''Handbook of the Theosophical Current'' (Leiden: Brill, 2013), 290-294.
== Notes ==
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