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* None listed for this date.
* 1865 – [[Max Heindel]], Danish-American Christian occultist, astrologer, author, and mystic who founded [[Rosicrucianism|The Rosicrucian Fellowship]]. (d. [[January 6]], 1919)

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July 23 is the 204th day of the year (205th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar. It is preceded by July 22, and succeeded by July 24. Following July 23, there are 161 days in the year.

Blavatsky's Gem of the Day

"The shadows of a cloud, the favor of the base, new corn, a flower, these last only a little time; so it is with youth and riches."


  • 1921 – First Theosophical World Congress, in Paris, presided by Annie Besant.



  • 1960 – Emogene S. Simons, American Theosophist and author of Introductory Course in Theosophy. (b. May 4, 1880)

Holidays and observances

  • None listed for this date.

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