Mahatma Letter to H. P. Blavatsky - LMW 2 No. 31

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Quick Facts
People involved
Written by: Morya
Received by: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Sent via: unknown 
Written on: unknown
Received on: around October 1879
Other dates: unknown
Sent from: unknown
Received at: Bombay
Via: unknown

This is Letter No. 31 in Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, Second Series. In it Mahatma Morya advises Henry Steel Olcott about his interactions with others.[1]

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Page 1 transcription, image, and notes

Those who pause and hesitate and are the most cautious before entering into the spirit of an entirely new scheme are to be generally far more relied upon than those who rush into every new enterprise like so many flies into a bowl of boiling milk. If H.S.O. refuses to accept D. then he will lose J. and with him about two dozen of the best men of Galle, and he will ruin this Society. Let him consider well before he refuses. It is but prejudice and injured pride. H.S.O. must learn to disappear and vanish before the President of the Parent Society. This is Maha Sahib’s answer.




Context and background

Mr. Jinarajadasa provided these notes:

"Galle" - The Founders landed in Ceylon, not in Colombo, but in Galle, then the principal harbour.

Received May 19, 1880, in Ceylon, at the first visit to the island by the Founders.[2]

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Physical description of letter

The original of this letter is preserved at the Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai, India.

Publication history

Commentary about this letter

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