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Ancient Wisdom was a monthly periodical founded and edited by Charles E. Luntz, Sr. and L. W. Rogers in August, 1935. After the first six issues, Mr. Rogers reduced his participation and Mr. Luntz became the sole editor and driving force behind the journal for over twenty years. Each issue featured high-quality articles by theosophists such as Geoffrey Hodson and Alvin Boyd Kuhn. Charles Luntz also contributed excellent articles related to his special interests, including astrology and Shakespeare, along with editorial comments and amusing poetry. The periodical was an entirely private publication supported by Mr. Luntz, individual subscriptions, and donations. He mailed a free subscription to every branch of the Theosophical Society in America, of which he had served as a director in the 1920s.

When Charles Luntz retired from editorship of Ancient Wisdom, the St. Louis Lodge of which he was the longtime president took over the title. After 19xx, the nature of the periodical changed to become the lodge newsletter, with fewer articles and more announcements about lodge activities. Publication was discontinued in 19xx.

Index to the periodical

No index is yet available on the Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals[1], but the Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library's Archives Department is engaged in compiling index entries to be added to the Union Index in the future.