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Aura is an invisible emanation or field of subtle matter viewed by the clairvoyant as a luminous radiation surrounding a living creature or object.

The aura is said to have different "layers". There is mention to a "health aura" which follows the outline of the body. It has to do with what in Theosophy is called Liṅga-śarīra. Extending beyond this first layer, in an oval shape, there is an emotional field. Next, going even beyond, there is a mental field. It is generally said that the various traits of the personality are associated with different colors manifesting in these layers of the aura. Finally, there is what has been called the Auric Egg, which belongs to the individuality or the "real man".[1]

How many layers can be seen by a sensitive will depend on his degree of clairvoyance. In general, only the first two layers of the aura are seen by untrained clairvoyants.

General description

H. P. Blavatsky explained:

Here is an example of the relations of color to vibration well worthy of the attention of Occultists. Not only Adepts and advanced Chelas, but also the lower order of psychics, such as clairvoyants and psychometrists, can perceive a psychic Aura of various colors around every individual, corresponding to the temperament of the person within it. In other words the mysterious records within the Auric Egg are not the heirloom of trained Adepts alone, but sometimes also of natural psychics. Every human passion, every thought and quality, is indicated in the Aura by corresponding colors and shades of color, and certain of these are sensed and felt rather than perceived. The best of such psychics, as shown by Galton, can also perceive colors produced by the vibrations of musical instruments, every note suggesting a different color. As a string vibrates and gives forth an audible note, so the nerves of the human body vibrate and thrill in correspondence with various emotions under the general impulse of the circulating vitality of Prâna, thus producing undulations in the psychic Aura of the person which results in chromatic effects.[2]

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