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Beatrice Hastings was an English author of several important books on Theosophical history.

Theosophical historian Michael Gomes has written of her:

Mrs. Hastings, née Haigh, was born in England in 1879 and spent her childhood in South Africa. She went to England to complete her education and met A. R. Orage, the editor o the New Age, in London, 1906. She became sub-editor two years later, a position she was to hold for another six years until she went to Paris in May 1914. The Italian pointer, Modigliani, with whom she lived, has left a number of studies of her. She came back to England in 1931. The earliest reference I have come across to her contact with Theosophists at the time is in 1934.[1]

While the name of Miss Hastings is not widely known now, she was appreciated in her day:[2]

April 14th, 1932: “Beatrice Hastings, the cleverest woman writer of her day.” — Everyman.
1934. (Mr. Victor Neuburg.): “Mrs. Hastings, the famous critic, star turn of the ‘New Age’ when that paper was by far the best-written in London.” — Sunday Referee.
June 1st, 1933. (Londoner’s Diary.): “I can recall only one other Englishwoman who publishes in both French and English, and that is Mrs. Beatrice Hastings.” — Evening Standard.


  • Solovyoff's Fraud.
  • Defence of Madame Blavatsky. Two Volumes. Worthing, England: The Hastings Press, 1937.


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