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Co-Masonry refers to several orders permitting men and women to join together in performance of Masonic rites. Many members of the Theosophical Society have been Freemasons or Co-Masons.

Le Droit Humain

Le Droit Humain is an international Masonic Order, following the Scottish Rite. A Supreme Council has headquarters in Paris, but groups within the order are self-governing. Both men and women are members on an equal footing, regardless of nationality, religion, or ethnicity.

Several prominent Theosophists have participated in Le Droit Humain, including Annie Besant, George S. Arundale, Charles W. Leadbeater, C. Jinarājadāsa, and Nilakanta Sri Ram. Henry Steel Olcott may have been a member as well, although he is known to have been a member of a fraternal masonic order long before the Theosophical Society was formed in 1875.

Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasonry

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