Dina Nath Ganguli

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Babu Dina Nath Ganguli was an early Indian member of the Theosophical Society from Berhampore. He was mentioned in Letter 19 of Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series. By occupation, he was a Government Pleader.

He served as President of the Adi Bhoutic Bhratru Theosophical Society of Berhampore, which was recognized for its good library, classes for the study of the Secret Doctrine, regular meetings, and public lectures. He was a Councillor of the Indian Section.

In 1891 he was among a group who offered funding for the lecture tours of Annie Besant, and established an H.P.B. Memorial Fund.[1] He was said to be a learned lecturer.

Little else is known of his life.


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