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Don Kruse

Donald S. Kruse is Associate Professor of Fine Art Emeritus at Indiana University at Fort Wayne. His paintings draw on mythological images, popular art such as comic strips, and the works of master artists—all blended into a united whole, imbued with inner meaning. He "attended the Fort Wayne Art School and Mexico City College before completing a Bachelor of Science in Education from Indiana University. He continued his graduate studies at Ball State University and IU from 1959-62. He has displayed his work in more than 50 one-man exhibitions and 100 group shows. He is also a professional lecturer in the areas of theosophy, Buddhism, comparative religion and Jungian and trans-personal psychology."[1]

Professor Kruse is a life member of the Theosophical Society in America and donated three of his works to the Society headquarters, where they hang in the L. W. Rogers Building. The works are named Demon Queller, Toys, and Suffering Fools. He has written about these paintings and the process of producing them, and about the meaning of art, in Quest magazine.[2]

Gallery of his works


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Additional resources

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