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Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center is a camp near Craryville, New York, that is operated by Pumpkin Hollow Foundation and the Northeast Federation of the Theosophical Society in America.

Founding of camp


In June, 1938, an announcement was made:

The Trustees of Pumpkin Hollow Camp announce that its formal incorporation has been completed; that the Camp is now owned and operated by the Northeast Theosophical Foundation, with the objects of The Theosophical Society governing its activities, and with the Society becoming the owner of the property if the Trustees cease to operate it in accord with those objects.

Pumpkin Hollow Camp is located near Craryville, New York, in the foothills of the Berkshires, one thousand feet above sea level, and consists of a hundred and twenty-five acres of woods and rolling meadows, with a wide stream flowing through the property.

The second year of the Camp marks a distinct advancement in its development. The first innovation wil be the institution of Student Week-ends, to give friends an opportunity to spend two or three days together in the country during which they may discuss topics of interest to all. The regular Camp session this year will begin on Saturday, July 23, and carry through until Sunday, August 7.

In addition, the Camp will be open all summer, at moderate rates, for those who wish to spend vacations there. For information address Mrs. Dora Kunz, Pumpkin Hollow Farm, Craryville, New York.[1]

Therapeutic Touch workshops

Other resources


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