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Exterior of Mills Building, 2007

The Quest Bookshop in Wheaton, Illinois, is located at Olcott, the headquarters campus of the Theosophical Society in America, and is open seven days each week. Other Quest Bookshops operate in New York City; Ojai, California; and Seattle, Washington, under separate ownership and management.

The shop offers books on Theosophy, comparative religions, spirituality, self-help, psychology, philosophy, health, and many other subjects. Gift merchandise includes such items as calendars, jewelry, greeting cards, sculptures, Tarot cards, Tibetan singing bowls, puppets, prayer flags, meditation cushions, and crystals.

Intuitive readings are offered for self-exploration. Services include Feng shui and aura evaluations; astrological, psychic, and Tarot readings.

More information about Quest Bookshop is available at its website.

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