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I would like to expand on the concept of triads.

There are two caveats when approaching these concerns. First, these are descriptions of abstract principles that are beyond any conceptualization. And second, these triads are also singularities. With this in mind, it is my contention that the Absolute is even further from our understanding than the pre-cosmic triad.

Hi Michael. Go ahead. You can always write something like: "Another view of the precosmic triad is the one given by T. Subba Row, and quoted by HPB in the SD: (and add the quiote)" Then, you may add some analysis of this if you want. If you do, we will have to make sure that the analysis doesn't introduce too many elements of which we cannot provide quotes. In this way we will keep the entries devoid of the personal view of any student. If a particular subject requires discussion with students giving their points of view, we can always add at the end a new section entitled "Discussion" and says things like "some students feel that this subject is better approached in this way because..., while others are of the opinion that....

Anyway, go ahead and edit the article as you wish, and then we will work it out together. PS

Pablo, I edited the article, but the notes got out of whack and I didn't know how to fix them. MH

Michael, thank you for the reference. In these quotes HPB and Subba Row are talking about different triads, in line with what you suggest at the beginning. I re-arranged the article to reflect this. Let me know what you think. PS

Pre-Cosmic Triad

I propose that another way (and possibly a more accurate way) to examine the pre-cosmic triad is that it consists of: Mulaprakriti, The Logos, and Daiviprakriti.

SD I,1,2 XII The Theogony of the Creative Gods p.430

", according to Mr. Subba Row, as the first manifestation of Parabrahmam, “the highest trinity that we are capable of understanding,” which is Mulaprakriti (the veil), the Logos, and the conscious energy “of the latter,” or its power and light*;

/* Called, in the Bhagavat-Gita, Daiviprakriti. "


Apossible difficulty lies in the fact that HPB may not have always agreed with Subba Row in some of these concepts.

[2] see paragraph 6