The International Theosophical Year Book (periodical)

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1937 edition
Advertisement in Nov. 1936 The Theosophist

The International Theosophical Year Book was a serial publication issued by the Theosophical Society based in Adyar, Chennai, India for six years - 1937-1942 - during the administration of George S. Arundale. The focus of the year book was to provide the status and activities of the Adyar Society throughout the world, and it also served as a fact book and almanac. This series is particularly valuable for its glimpses into the status of each national section leading into Second World War. Little mention is made of other organizations in the broader Theosophical Movement.


The contents of the year books varied somewhat from year to year according to the needs of the organization. The first issue in 1937 had these departments:

  1. From the Editor
  2. The World's Calendars
  3. The Theosophical Society and Its Objects
  4. What Is My Policy? by the President
  5. The International Headquarters, Adyar
  6. Gazetteer of the World
  7. History of the Theosophical Society
  8. Theosophy Throughout the World
9. Chronicle of Events in the Theosophical Society: 1975-1900
10. The Theosophical Order of Service
11. Theosophical World Congresses and Jubilees
12. Theosophy's Classic Literature
13. Youth Activities
14. Founders and Presidents of the T.S.
15. Who's Who in the Theosophical Society
16. Advertising Pages

Digital versions

The Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library digitized the series: