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Boris de Zirkoff on the cover of Theosophia, Summer 1981.

Theosophia was a journal edited by the great Blavatsky scholar, Boris de Zirkoff. It was published from May-June 1944 to Summer 1981. The final issue was a tribute to the editor, who had passed away.

Index to the periodical

The Union Index of Theosophical Periodicals[1] provides a searchable index to this periodical online, listing article titles and authors in chronological sequence.

Reviews and comments

W. Y. Evans-Wentz, the great Tibetan language scholar, was a subscriber. He wrote:

Theosophia fills an unique place in the literary world. It is one of the very few magazines that promotes in a non-sectarian manner that Right Understanding of which the Buddha speaks.[1]

Availability online

All issues of the periodical have been transcribed into English and Slovenian, with author and title indexes provided. They are available on the Teozofija v Sloveniji web page. This project was accomplished with the cooperation of the Alexandria West Library.

Additional resources


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