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Statement of intention

The Theosophy Wiki is an open-source, collaborative encyclopedia of knowledge about Theosophy, the Theosophical movement, and closely related subjects. It is intended to be an aid to scholarship, and not to espouse any particular philosophical, religious, social, psychological, historical, or political viewpoint. Editors of wiki articles are expected to maintain a neutral and scholarly tone in their writing. Articles should be based on clearly identified primary and secondary sources.

Contents and accuracy

The accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of information in the Theosophy Wiki are not guaranteed. Content may reflect work-in-progress, and links to other web sites may be broken. Please be aware that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by experts, so read critically at all times, and refer back to the sources footnoted.

Editors should be aware that material submitted may be edited mercilessly and may be redistributed. Editors should clearly identify materials that refer to speculative research or that contain opinions, and should always identify sources of quotations and stated facts.

In the event that any information is definitely incorrect, you are encouraged to correct the error or to notify the administrators. Since the content has not been subjected to an editorial process, the administrators would greatly appreciate being notified if questionable material appears in the wiki.


The views and opinions expressed therein are those of the editors and do not necessarily reflect official policies or positions of the site host, the Theosophical Society in America. We do expect editors and patrons to respect the academic freedom and viewpoints of others.

Editorial access

Anyone with access to the Internet is welcome to read Theosophy Wiki articles and to re-use them with appropriate attribution. The ability to create and edit articles is restricted to editors who have identified themselves to the administrators and who are willing to work collaboratively within the guidelines of the TS Wiki policies. We expect that most editors will be serious students of Theosophy, or academics who have a particular interest in Theosophy and related subjects.

Licensing and intellectual property rights

Text, images, and other materials used in Theosophy Wiki should be created by the editors, or copied from a public domain or similar free resource.

Material submitted to the Theosophy Wiki is subject to Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licensing. See the Creative Commons website or the Wikipedia Creative Commons license article for more information. If you re-use material from this wiki, please identify the source clearly.

All written material, images, and other media used on this site are believed to be free of copyright restrictions, or to fall within the doctrine of "fair use". If you are a copyright holder of an image or other material that appears on this site in violation of copyright, then please contact the administrators, who will quickly remove it.

We have asked that editors apply copyright © and registered trade mark ® symbols where appropriate, but you should not infer from the absence of such indication that a particular name or symbol is free from brand rights. Reference to any specific commercial product by trademark does not imply any endorsement.

Site availability

No guarantees are made concerning site availability, although the site host, Theosophical Society in America, will make every effort to ensure high availability.

Use of materials

You are responsible for any use you make of the wiki contents, subject to the laws of karma! Please identify the source, in compliance with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licensing described above.