Bhola Deva Sarma

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Bhola Deva Sarma (भोलदेव शर्मा, Bholadeva Śarmā) was a chela of the Master M. He was one of the twelve chelas that signed the "Protest" to Mr. Hume's article published in The Theosophist of September, 1882.[1] He also wrote a "Note" to the article "Regeneration of India" in September, 1883.[2]

Mahatma Letter No. 122 sent to A. P. Sinnett by order of Mahatma K.H. was written by Bhola Deva Sarma. It is in green ink on both sides of four sheets of full-sized white paper. He may also have transmitted Mahatma Letter No. 124.

On August 15th, 1883, Mme. Blavatsky wrote to Mr. Sinnett that Bhola Sarma "lives now in Tibet and Sikkim flying from one place to another".[3]

Online Articles

  • Note was published it the "Supplement to The Theosophist", The Theosophist 4.48 (September, 1883), 9-10.


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