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[[File:Pekka Ervast 1.jpg|right|190px|thumb|Pekka Ervast]]
'''Pekka Ervast''' (1875-1934) was founder of Finnish Section of [[Theosophical Society (Adyar)|Theosophical Society based in Adyar]]. He was a writer, lecturer and linguist.
== Personal life ==
Pekka Elias Ervast was born on [[December 26]], 1875 in Helsinki, Finland. Beginning in childhood he had experiences of extrasensory perception.
He died on [[May 22]], 1934 in Helsinki.
== Spiritual awakening ==
== Theosophical Society involvement ==
In 1922, the Finnish Section reported that it "has bought Theosophical books for about 15,000 frnk. from O/Y Tietaja (a joint-stock-company, which was started by Mr. Pekka Ervast and now owned by some of his friends)..."<ref>John Sonck, "T. S. in Finland" ''General Report of the Theosophical Society 1922'' (Adyar, Madras, India: Theosophical Publishing Company, 1922), 96-97.</ref>
[[File:Divine Seed cover.jpg|150px|right|thumb|2nd edition of ''The Divine Seed'']]
== Writings in English ==
* '''''From Death to Rebirth'''''. Literary Society of the Finnish Rosy Cross, 2017. Compiled and edited by Jouni Marjanen, Antti Savinainen, and Jouko Sorvali. Foreword by Richard Smoley. This is also available as an [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yE4QrLY9v4 audio book]. 
* '''''The Divine Seed: The Esoteric Teachings of Jesus'''''. Second edition published by Quest Books, 2010. Reviewed in ''TheoSophia'' (NZ) 72.4 (Summer, 2011), 29.
* [https://www.teosofia.net/e-kirjat/Pekka_Ervast_-_The_Key_to_the_Kalevala.pdf '''''The Key to the Kalevala''''']. 1916.  The English version was first published in 1999 by Blue Dolphin Publishing and the e-book version in 2018 by Literary Society of the Finnish Rosy Cross.
* [http://media.pekkaervast.net/penet/books_files/The_Mission_of_the_Theosophical_Society.pdf '''''The Mission of the Theosophical Society''''']. 1921.
* [http://media.pekkaervast.net/penet/books_files/astral_schools.pdf  '''''Astral Schools''''']. 1929. The English e-book version was published in 2008 by the PekkaErvast.net [http://www.pekkaervast.net/tervetuloa/ website].
* [http://media.pekkaervast.net/penet/books_files/The_Sermon_on_the_Mount_or_The_Key_to_Christianity.pdf '''''The Sermon on the Mount''''']. 1933.
* [http://media.pekkaervast.net/penet/books_files/HPB_The_Sphinx_of_the_XIXth_Century.pdf '''''H. P. B.: The Sphinx of the XIXth Century''''']. 1933. 
* [https://www.amazon.com/Spiritual-Knowledge-Pekka-Ervast-Book-ebook/dp/B07GJPD398/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=spiritual+knowledge+ervast&qid=1554280911&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spell '''''Spiritual Knowledge''''']. Pekka Ervast Series Book 1. Helsinki: Aatma, 2018. Print and Kindle editions are available.
* [https://www.amazon.com/Inner-Happiness-Pekka-Ervast-Book-ebook/dp/B07GJS4D6D/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=The+inner+God+and+happiness&qid=1554280704&s=digital-text&sr=1-1 '''''The Inner God and Happiness''''']. Pekka Ervast Series Book 2. Helsinki: Aatma, 2018. Print and Kindle editions are available.
== Additional resources ==
* Ervast, Pekka. "Reports of the TS in Finland" ''The Theosophist'' v39 (July, 1918), 392.
* [[General Reports of the Theosophical Society|General Reports of the Theosophical Society]] provide reports written by Pekka Ervast during the years that he was leader of the Finnish Section of the TS Adyar.
* [http://www.pekkaervast.net/tervetuloa/ PekkaErvast.net]. Website in Finnish.
== Notes ==
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