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The Triangle as a symbol has been used in Theosophical literature with different meanings. Since triangles are the first geometrical figure, they often represent the foundation of manifestation.

A prominent symbolic meaning of the triangle is that of the Triad, of which there are several in Theosophical literature.

There are also a few types of triangles that can be found in Theosophical literature in connection with Mahatmas and disciples. They were traditionally used to designate different degrees of initiation. In a footnote in The Voice of the Silence, H. P. Blavatsky writes:

The △ is the sign of the high chelas, while another kind of triangle is that of high Initiates. It is the symbol "I" discoursed upon by Buddha and used by him as a symbol of the embodied form of Tathagata when released from the three methods of the Prajna.[1]

Mahatma M. is sometimes referred to with a triangle with dot in the middle.[2]

Today several of these triangles have entered the public domain, so they don't always mean what they did, esoterically speaking.

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