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'''Janet Kerschner''' is one of the administrators of TSWiki.
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! '''People involved:'''
Written by: [[Koot Hoomi]]<br>
Received by: [[A. P. Sinnett]]<br>
Sent via:
! '''Dates:'''
Written: '''Feb. 11-18, 1888 per Mary K. Neff'''<br>
Received: '''March 1, 1881 per Conger'''<br>
! '''Places:'''
Sent from: <br>
Received: Galle, Ceylon<br>
[[Janet Kerschner/Sandbox]]
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{{*mp}} Mahatma Letters project in TS Wiki
{{*mp}} '''''The Mahatmas and Their Letters'' video''' [http://www.theosophicalinstitute.org/medialibrary/viewtitle.php?titleid=61E3CCEA-D544-4D04-98D2-48F4D7187210]
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Janet Kerschner is one of the administrators of TSWiki.

Janet Kerschner/Sandbox