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Mr. Alfred J. Faulding prepared the index to the "Third and revised edition" of The Secret Doctrine that was published in 1895. He was a lecturer in the British Section of the Theosophical Society[1] and a councillor of the Blavatsky Lodge[2]

Relatively little is known of his life. Born Alfred Joseph Faulding in 1853 in St. Pancras, Middlesex, England, he worked as a printer and publisher. He married Mirriam Sarah Shirley in 1874. Their daughter Gertrude died as an infant in 1876. The Fauldings always lived in the greater London area. He died in 1916.

Mrs. Faulding was also active in the Society. She was appointed business manager for the Theosophical Publishing Society by Annie Besant and Bertram Keightley in 1894.[3] Colonel Olcott reported that the Fauldings were his hosts in London, and took him to a meeting of the London Lodge in 1896.[4] They also hosted Annie Besant to watch the Royal Progress, a procession during the festivities surrounding the coronation on June 22, 1911.[5] Colonel Olcott enjoyed their company in August, 1896 when they all traveled from London to Paris, and referred to them as "those most hospitable friends."[6]


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