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According to Alice Bailey, she was contacted in 1919 by Djual Khul, the “The Tibetan”, who wanted her to serve as his amanuensis and dictated to her by means of telepathy numerous books. [1] In the appendix of Alice Bailey’s unfinished biography the reader learns that it was the wish of the Tibetan to see an esoteric school started which would leave the membership free, which would bind them by no pledges or oaths and which would - whilst assigning meditation and study and giving esoteric teaching — leave people to make their own adjustments, to interpret the truth as best they could, to present to them the many points of view and at the same time communicate to them the deepest esoteric truths which they could recognize if there was that in them which was awakened to the mysteries and which, even when read or heard, could do them no harm if they lacked the perception to recognize the truth for what it was. Alice Bailey, with the help of her husband Foster Bailey, started this training institution for students of the Tibetan’s teaching, the Arcane School, in 1923. [2]

Alice Bailey explained in her biography that she called the training institution “Arcane School” because one day she had received papers from Mr. Richard Prater, a pupil of H. P. Blavatsky which contained instructions for an esoteric section expressing the desire to call that section Arcane School. [3]

Since 1923 tens of thousands of students from all over the world have taken advantage of this training. The London headquarters serves students in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as well as students who wish to study in English from Europe and Africa. It also serves students working in the Greek language. The Geneva school works with students in all the main European languages (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian).

The training has three fundamental requirements, meditation, study and service to humanity. Therefore, the School trains people in meditation and service to develop their spiritual potential, to help students understand and accept discipleship responsibility, and to recognize the part that they can play in the evolution of consciousness by serving humanity.

The School assists spiritual aspirants to move forward on to the path of discipleship, and assists those who are already on the path to move on more quickly to achieve greater effectiveness in service. [4]


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