Francia A. La Due

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Francia A. La Due

Francia A. La Due was the co-founder with William H. Dower of the Temple of the People in Halcyon, California.

Personal life

She was born on January 19, 1849 and died in Halcyon on July 19, 1922.

Temple of the People

Mrs. La Due became a member of the Theosophical Society and of its Esoteric Section. She and Dr. Dower formed the Temple of the people in Syracuse, New York in 1898. They moved the group to Halcyon, California, establishing the Halcyon Hotel and Sanatorium.

Mrs. La Due, known as "Blue Star," was the leader of the Temple as its first Guardian in Chief until her death in 1922. The Blue Star Memorial Temple building was named in her honor.


The most important writing of Francia La Due was Theogenesis, a third section of the Stanzas of Dzyan. It was written under the guidance of the Master Hillarion. Other notable writings include:

  • "A Remarkable Mask". The American Theosophist 14.8 (May, 1913), 627.

Coauthored with William H. Dower

  • Temple Messages. Halcyon, Calif.: Temple of the People, 1983. 183 pages.
  • Teachings of the Temple. Halcyon, Calif.: The Temple of the People, 1925. Second or Jubilee edition in 1948. 661 pages.
  • From the Mountain Top. Halcyon, Calif.: Temple of the People, 1914. 278 pages. Available at Hathitrust.