Mahatma Letters to H. S. Olcott

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Col. Henry Steel Olcott

Col. Henry Steel Olcott was devoted to the Masters of the Wisdom. They trusted him as their agent in the wide range of activities required to establish the Theosophical Society as a viable institution for conveying the teachings of Theosophy. He was frequently asked to help train new chelas.

He received instructions, encouragement, – and sometimes rebukes – from six of the Mahatmas: Morya, Koot Hoomi, Serapis Bey, Tuitit Bey, Hilarion, and Narayan. Olcott's relationships with these Masters come vividly to life in his correspondence.

The letters were almost all published by Curuppumullage Jinarājadāsa in the Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series and Second Series. Two letters became known through other publications. The documents been listed in a chronological sequence devised by Daniel H. Caldwell. An internal navigation system guides readers to previous and next letters within the universe of Olcott's Mahatma letters.

In addition to the letters documented in this table, Olcott was frequently mentioned in The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett. That volume includes two letters addressed to HSO – Mahatma Letter No. 103a and Mahatma Letter No. 110 – and two telegrams that the Colonel wrote – Mahatma Letter No. 115 and Mahatma Letter No. 116.

Source and Letter Number Author Date Sent Sent From Addressee Date Received Where Received
LMW 2-3 Tuitit Bey Olcott 7 June 1875? New York
LMW 2-4 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-5 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-6 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-7 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-8 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-9 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-10 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-11 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-12 Serapis Bey Olcott 1 May 1875
LMW 2-13 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-14 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-15 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-16 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-17 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-18 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-19 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-20 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-21 Serapis Bey Olcott 23 November 1876 New York
LMW 2-22 Serapis Bey Olcott
LMW 2-24 Narayan Olcott New York
LMW 2-25 Tuitit Bey Olcott New York
LMW 2-23 Serapis Bey Olcott 16 August 1876 New York
LMW 1-54 Narayan Olcott August 1877 New York
LMW 2-27 Morya Olcott
LMW 2-28 Morya Olcott
LMW 2-29 Serapis Bey Olcott 3 October 1879
LMW 2-30 Morya Olcott
LMW 2-32 Morya Olcott
LMW 2-33 Morya Olcott
LMW 2-34 Morya Olcott 28 December 1881
LMW 2-35 Morya Olcott January 1882
LMW 2-36 Serapis Bey Olcott,
LMW 2-46 Blavatsky,
24 March 1882 Olcott 24 March 1882 Calcutta
LMW 2-37 Olcott,
20 May 1883 Blavatsky,
LMW 2-38 Morya Olcott 1 June 1883
LMW 2-39 Morya Olcott 2 June 1883
LMW 2-40 Hilarion Olcott 6 June 1883
LMW 2-41 Morya Olcott 12 June 1883
LMW 2-42 Morya Olcott 12 June 1883
LMW 2-43 Hilarion Olcott 12 June 1883
LMW 2-44 Hilarion Olcott 13 June 1883
LMW 2-45 Morya Olcott 15 June 1883
LMW 1-16 Koot Hoomi Olcott 19 November 1883 Lahore
LMW 1-17 Koot Hoomi Olcott
Hodson Report Morya Olcott 17 Dec 1883 Adyar
LMW 1-18 Koot Hoomi Olcott 5 April 1884
LMW 2-47 Morya Olcott 1884
LMW 1-37 Koot Hoomi Olcott late August 1884 Elberfeld
Solovyov Morya Olcott 27 August, 1884 Elberfeld
LMW 2-26 Morya October 1884 Olcott
LMW 1-29 Koot Hoomi 5 June 1886 Olcott 7 June 1886 Adyar
LMW 2-2 Koot Hoomi Olcott 7 June 1886 Adyar
LMW 1-19 Koot Hoomi Olcott 22 August 1888 S.S. Shannon