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Dr. Maximus Neumayer was a psychologist and Theosophist from Brazil. He was a charter member of the first lodge in Adyar. After his family emigrated from Austria, he lived for many years in Rio de Janeiro.

The Crescent City Lodge of New Orleans had the honor of having as their guest and lecturer, Dr. Maximus Neumayer of Rio de Janeiro. He is enroute to India. Dr. Neumayer is one of the original or charter members of the first Lodge of Adyar to be established by Mme. Blavatsky. He is ninety-eight years old and appears about sixty-five. He lectured at the Tulane University and was guest of honor of the Masonic Temple. It was through the influence of Wallace de Ortega-Maxey of Santa Barbara, who was the guest of the Doctor in Brazil last year, that the Lodge was able to obtain him. Mr. de Ortega-Maxey has been doing a great deal of work here for the Society. He is a noted psychologist from the Society Internationale de Phililogie, Sciences et Beaux Arts, founded by Jules Verne, whose headquarters are now in London.[1]


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