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The School of the Wisdom is an annual course in advanced Theosophy given at the Adyar headquarters of the Theosophical Society. It was inaugurated by President Jinarājadāsa on November 17, 1949.


According to the Theosophical Society website,

In 1949 Jinarâjadâsa founded the School of the Wisdom at Adyar, for the study of Theosophical teachings in depth as given in the textbooks, but primarily because a student knowing these things could with widened vision ‘sit in the centre’ of his own being and ‘enjoy clear day’ in his understanding of the world of men and affairs. The School was also to devote its studies to the thoughts of the great and the affairs of men in the larger sense through historical time. Its yearly sessions attract students from several countries to this day.[1]


Dr. José Acuña took over as director for the 1951-1952 and 1952-1953 sessions of the School.[2] He worked with International Vice-President Sidney A. Cook to clarify the purpose of the School and to ensure that students arrived prepared with a list of required textbooks. Each student had to be recommended by the General Secretary of his national Section.

For 1953-1954, Geoffrey Hodson stepped in as Director of Studies. Under his leadership, the School was divided into two term, with an interval of three or four weeks during which the annual Convention would take place. Each term was to be about 10-11 weeks; the first devoted to Theosophical studies and the second to "Applied Theosophy." Mr. Cook wrote, "In the first our theosophical knowledge will be examined and re-studied; in the second modern thought in the principal fields of human interest will be surveyed to see what extent theosophical ideas are being approached and what additional light Theosophy can give."[3]

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