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The Hermetist was published by the Hermetic Publishing Company in Chicago from October 1887 to November 1899, or possibly a few months longer. The editors were Dr. W. P. Phelon and his wife Mira Morse Phelon of the Ramayana Theosophical Society.

This was one of the organs of the Temple of Isis of the Hermetic Brotherhood. The editors, first in Chicago and later in San Francisco, were W. P. Phelon (1834-1904) and his wife, Mira Morse. Phelon was an early convert to Christian Science and was a founder of one of the Chicago branches of the Theosophical Society (into which he inducted L. Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz), but early on he began teaching his own brand of wisdom (derived from the lost civilization of Atlantis) under the name of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis, Luxor and Elephanta. The relationship of this to the H. B. of L., of which Phelon and his wife became members in 1887, is unknown.[1]

PDF files of most volumes are available online at the IAPSOP database.


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