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The Theosophical University Press has been publishing Theosophical classics for many decades as the successor to Aryan Theosophical Press. It is affiliated with the Theosophical Society based in Pasadena, California, with a catalog available online. Many works have been made freely available as full-text editions online.



Theosophical books

Among the books published by this press were Theosophical works by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, William Quan Judge, Gottfried de Purucker, Mabel Collins, and Katherine Tingley.

Theosophical Manual No. 1

Theosophical Manuals series

A series of fifteen handbooks were published starting in the 1930s, in a paperback format 4.5 by 5.75 inches, for a cost of 25¢ each, or a boxed set for $3.50. As the publishing house moved from Point Loma to Covina to Pasadena, there were several editions and printings of each volume. These are the titles:

Number Title Author
I What Is Theosophy? A General View for Inquirers Charles J. Ryan
II Reincarnation: A Lost Chord in Modern Thought Leoline L. Wright
III Karman: The Law of Consequences Gertrude van Pelt
IV The Seven Principles of Man Leoline L. Wright
V After Death - What? Leoline L. Wright
VI Evolution Henry T. Edge
VII Rounds and Races: Man's Divine Parentage and Destiny Gertrude van Pelt
VIII The Doctrine of Cycles Lydia Ross
IX Hierarchies: The Ladder of Life Gertrude van Pelt
X The Astral Light Henry T. Edge
XI Psychic Powers Helen Savage
XII Theosophy and Christianity Henry T. Edge
XIII Mahâtmans and Chelas Leoline L. Wright
XIV The Mystery-Schools Grace Frances Knoche
XV Yoga and Yoga Discipline: A Theosophical Interpretation Charles J. Ryan

The first volume was an expansion of "Theosophy in Brief Outline," originally printed in 1931.

Theosophical magazines

Magazines published by TUP included The Theosophical Path, The Theosophical Forum, The Junior Theosophist, The Lotus-Circle Messenger, and Lucifer.