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Adyar Theosophical Academy was established in 2019 in Besant Gardens at the Adyar headquarters of the Theosophical Society during the administration of Tim Boyd. The school uses the Golden Link College program of transformative education developed in The Philippines by Vic Hao Chin.

A brochure announcing the new school describes its educational philosophy in this way:

ATA’s vision is to educate and raise children to become competent, well-balanced, emotionally mature, socially responsible, morally upright, and spiritually sensitive individuals.

ATA will prepare students for the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE) with English as the language of instruction. Apart from a carefully crafted diversified academic programme and a host of cocurricular activities, the school will create unique learning opportunities through nature, environmental and community engagements and develop a social conscience among students. Starting in June 2019, ATA will have classes in LKG, UKG, Grade 1 and 2. It will have not more than 20 students per class with a high teacher-student ratio to impart quality education.

It goes on to discuss self-transformation:

The Theosophical Society is to bring about a transformation of the individual and that of society. True transformation comes from awakening the higher faculties of a person and the mastery of the lower nature. From such transformed individuals will emerge a society that will be truly harmonious, loving and growth-giving.

It is not easy to change. The deeper one’s conditioning is, the harder it is to change. Theosophical education aims at laying the right foundations in the development of the personality, mind and character.

The capacity to change oneself is a self-transformative capacity and can be cultivated by a conscious intention. Self-awareness is the first step towards bringing about self-culture.

Sonal Murali, an expert in transformative education and Theosophical Society member who is involved with the school, was quoted:

The physical environment is important when it comes to early childhood program which is referred to as the ‘third teacher’. A child learns through hundreds of languages, through drawing and sculpting, dance and painting. These languages, or ways of learning, are all a part of the child. Learning and play are not separated because learning happens at subliminal levels. So when a child plays, it has to be taken seriously.[1]

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