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The Association of Hebrew Theosophists formed in 1925 during the 50th anniversary jubilee convention of the Theosophical Society. The founding officers were Gaston Polak of Belgium, A. B. Salem of Cochin, and S. S. Cohen of Adyar, with members from Bulgaria, Egypt, Iran, Italy, and several parts of India. Branches formed in India, England, The Netherlands, and the United States.

The Dutch branch of the organization was called the Vereeniging voor Joodsche Theosofen, or VJT, with Louis Vet serving as president.

The American branch emphasized publishing, under the leadership of president Henry C. Samuels, vice-president Bozena Brydlova, secretary E. F. Silberman, and treasurer Louis B Ball. They published The Jewish Theosophist and several books and pamphlets.


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