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One of the earliest branches of the Theosophical Society still in existence was the Bengal Theosophical Society, formed on April 6, 1882, during a visit of the Founders to Calcutta.


Col. Olcott wrote:

We organized the Bengal Theosophical Society, one of our best known Branches, with Babu Peary Chand Mittra as President, Babu Norendranath Sen as Secretary, and Babu Balai Chand Mullick as Treasurer. For many years now, Norendra Babu has been the President, and may almost be said to have done most of the public work of the Branch himself, in his capacity of Editor of the Indian Mirror; for the public has been kept fully advised by him of every important event in the history of our movement, and his brave appeals have done much towards bringing about the Hindu revival in Bengal; which is a well-known and universally admitted fact.[1]

On the 14th there was a recast of officers, the new list being as follows: President, Peary Chand Mittra; Vice-Presidents, Dijendra Nath Tagore and Raja Syama Shankar Roy; Secretary and Treasurer, Norendranath Sen; Assistant Secretaries, Balai Chand Mullick and Mohini Mohun Chatterji.

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