Bishen Lal

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Bishen Lal (also known as Lalla Bishen Lall), was an early member of the Theosophical Society. He served as the President of Rohitcund Theosophical Society in Bareilly, India, in the early 1880's. He became a chela of the Mahatmas, but failed in his spiritual path, and fell into insanity.[1]

In one of his letters, Master K.H. stated that A. O. Hume "Tho' unaware of it", "has helped precipitate Bishenlal's insanity".[2] In a letter from Mme. Blavatsky she talks about "Bishen-lal and other vain, weak, and selfish characters — who end at the first temptation as raving madmen or commit suicide".[3]


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