Centro Lusitano de Unificação Cultural

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The Centro Lusitano de Unificação Cultural (CLUC), headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal is a universalist and philanthropic organization, founded in 1988. CLUC’s main goals are to establish Biosophy - Wisdom of Life - encompassing all fields of thought, activity, and human effort. This includes, but it is not limited to, the philosophical, scientific, religious, political, social, pedagogical, artistic and ethical perspectives. To this end, the study of the traditions and cultures of different peoples is promoted, on a comparative, comprehensive and inclusive basis, aiming for a true universal consensus and the experience of the richness diversity has to offer. Theosophy is at the core of most activities promoted by CLUC.

The word "Lusitano” (Lusitanian) is rooted in the Latin word lux (Light), while "Unificação" (Unification) refers to the universalist perspective of appreciating and synthesizing different spiritual paths, philosophy, and ways of being.


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CLUC regularly publishes the periodical Biosofia and has released more than 40 books since its inception, some of them translated into 5 different languages. CLUC also offers group activity opportunities, courses, seminars, workshops, conferences (focused primarily on esoteric and spiritual themes, philosophical and religious traditions) and concentration/meditation practices. More information is available at the organization's website, http://www.centrolusitano.org/.

The current president of CLUC is José Manuel Anacleto.