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Chandra Sekhara was an early member of the Theosophical Society. He lived in Meerut in 1884, but later was a high school teacher in Bareilly, N. W. P., India.

Hodgson Report testimony

As a witness to phenomena, he gave this testimony that was printed in the Hodgson Report:

Account by MR. CHANDRA SEKHARA. (Teacher in High School, Bareilly, N.W.P.).

1. In 1882 I went to Bombay in November, reaching there on the morning of 26th inst. The anniversary was postponed from November 27th to December 7th. On the evening of the 27th, about 8 p.m., we, i.e., about 10 or 11 of us, including the delegates, were seated in the balcony with Madame B. and Colonel Olcott. Mohini M. Chatterji, Bishen Lall, and Janaki Nath Ghosal were present. We were chatting together, and Madame Blavatsky, with some other brethren, quickly rose up, and looked towards the garden below the balcony. I rose up and looked out, but not in the proper direction. J. N. Ghosal pointed me to the proper quarter, and I saw a luminous figure walking to and fro below the balcony, on the third terrace field. [This was explained to mean that there were two fields and a portion of a third between the speaker and the figure. Each field is about 10 yards wide. The third field is full of thorny trees, 10 that it. is difficult for a man to walk freely. The trees varied in size, and the foliage occupied a good deal of space. Tho figure was upright. I saw him walk three times over a distance of about 40 yards, and then disappear. There was no moonlight. The figure appeared nearly 6ft. high, well-built, but I could not distinguish the features. I could not tell whether he had a beard. My sight is ordinary.

2. The following day we were seated in the verandah near the Occult Room, when Madame said that she felt something extraordinary. The time was between 7 and 8 p. m. Suddenly we saw the luminous body of one who was explained to me to be another Mahatma, on the high rock adjoining the Occult Room. The distance of the figure was about 16 yards. Madame Coulomb was with us. I could not distinguish the features clearly, nut sufficient for recognition. I cannot say whether tJIe figure had a beard. AI& BOOn as we saw the figure, Madame Coulomb exclaimed, in a nervous manner, "There! There!" And in a minute Colonel Olcott said, "Madame [Blavatsky], go to the foot of tho rock, and talk to the Mahatma. Madame went to the rock, and in a short time after she came back shivering, and said the Mahatma would be willing to come forward to talk to the audience, but there was some man in our company whose sin was so great that it would be difficult for the Mahatma to approach, and therefore he had to go away. The figure disappeared suddenly before Madame returned.[1]

Mentioned in Mahatma Letter

Chandra Sekhara was also mentioned as the initials "C.K." in Letter 19 of Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series in a message of reassurance from Mahatma Koot Hoomi. In his commentary for that letter, C. Jinarājadāsa referred to him with the respectful title "Pandit."[2]


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