Charles E. Luntz, Sr.

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Charles E. Luntz, Sr.


Early years

Business career

Work as an astrologer

Activities in the Theosophical Society

For many years, Charles Luntz headed the St. Louis Lodge of the Theosophical Society in America. Membership of the group increased dramatically during his presidency, and he was a very popular leader and lecturer:

Our regular montly social fell on our local President's birthday, so while he was in Atlanta, GA., some time ago we arranged to have a surprise birthday party for him. This was held in our Lodge rooms and close to 100 guests were present.

There were eighteen at the guest of honor table. The table decorations were yellow, signifying intellectuality, which is the predominant keynote of our President, Mr. Chas. E. Luntz. A large bouquet of yellow roses and daffodils were at each end, while the center of the table was adorned by a beautiful birthday cake, made by one of our members, and decorated with the Theosophical emblem and the words "Birthday Greetings," etc. Around the cake were placed five tall, yellow candles. These stood for the years that Mr. Luntz has so efficiently served St. Louis Lodge.

At the close of the speeches, Mr. M. B. Hudson, who represented the House of Friends[1], presented to the honored guest a gift of love and appreciation from St. Louis Lodge in the shape of a complete set of the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled. Mr. Luntz was also the recipient of a large basket of very handsome tulips, gorgeous ferns and foliage plants.

To say that our President was overwhelmed does not begin to express it, for he was almost speechless and, as his friends know, for Mr. Luntz to be speechless is an unheard of thing. He soon regained his usual poise, however, and gave a very lovely talk, expressing his appreciation to the members and friends for the figt and the privilege of his close association with them. [2]


Later years


  1. This is a reference to the astrological houses. Mr. Hudson and Mr. Luntz were friends from the time they had worked together on the Board of the American Theosophical Society.
  2. "Unique Social Event," The Theosophical Messenger 16:2 (July 1928): 37.