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Esoteric Buddhism was one of the first Theosophical books, published in 1883. In it, Alfred Percy Sinnett wrote about occultism, the Adepts, the Theosophical Society, and first-hand experience with the existence of powers unknown to science which the occultist has developed. Originally published as Esoteric Budhism, most editions have updated the spelling.

Writing of the book

Use of term "Budhism"

Publication history

Mahatma comments

In Mahatma Letter No. 113, Master Koot Hoomi wrote:

Be certain, that with a few mistakes and omissions notwithstanding, your "Esoteric Buddhism" is the only right exposition — however incomplete — of our Occult doctrines. You have made no cardinal, fundamental mistakes; and whatever may be given to you hereafter will not clash with a single sentence in your book but on the contrary will explain away any seeming contradiction.[1]

Errors in Esoteric Buddhism

Book reviews

Online Resources

Electronic editions

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  1. See pages 11-12 of Mahatma Letter No. 113 in the Chronological 4th edition, or letter 82 in the Barker numbering.