G. H. Fechner

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G. H. Fechner is mentioned in Mahatma Letter No. 18, on pages 13-14:

I may answer you, what I said to G. H. Fechner one day, when he wanted to know the Hindu view on what he had written — "You are right; . . . 'every diamond, every crystal, every plant and star has its own individual soul, besides man and animal . . .' and, 'there is a hierarchy of souls from the lowest forms of matter up to the World Soul' . . .; but, you are mistaken when adding to the above the assurance that 'the spirits of the departed hold direct psychic communication with Souls that are still connected with a human body' — for, they do not."[1]

"G. H. Fechner" refers to psychologist and Spiritualist Gustav Theodor Fechner.